Community Issue
Print Design │Design Research
"Community Issue" was a two-part project done for a Visualization and Creativity class which called for a poster design and a deliverable that addresses an issue within a community. The issue I chose to advocate for was Mental Health Awareness at the University of Florida. The process involved research, planning, and rounds of iterations and critiques.
My process began by gathering information that already existed about my issue. I decided that my poster would be designed as an infographic, highlighting the information I collected during my research. I created personas during interviews that I conducted with students in order to address reoccurring issues and findings. What I found is that mental health and the questioning of resources is indeed a serious topic, especially at my own college campus. The issues addressed in the data filled  18 x 24 inch poster would go on to lead my design solution deliverable.
The deliverable was designed as a solution to the issue, and with the personas in mind. It takes the form of two small guide booklets that aim to explain and spread awareness about topics like depression, burnout, anxiety, and stress.
These booklets also provide tips to dealing with these mental health topics. Their small size would make them discrete handouts and information easy to carry with you in your backpack as a student.
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