Gifted Healthcare
Creative Direction, Emails Design, Video + Animation, Social Media, UI UX
As Gifted Healthcare's first-ever Graphic Designer, I created engaging and impactful visuals for the leading travel nurse staffing agency in the US. I worked with the marketing team to design assets for web, mobile, email, and social media platforms, as well as print and trade show materials. Project highlights include developing their initial brand guide, a complete design audit of all design channels including social media and Google ads, as well as website and mobile adjustments with UI/UX planning. This role allowed me to take a pre-existing and underdeveloped brand identity and reconceptualize it as a way to target leads across the US and increase job placements for nurses.
Redefining Gifted's Visual Identity
Establishing an official company brand guide + completing a full design audit on all Gifted channels (internal and external)
Idealized 9-Grid
Established a more cohesive plan and templates to allow Gifted's visuals and online presence to help generate job leads for travel nursing
Facebook + Google Lead Gen Campaigns
Web Design + User Experience Forms
Conceptualizing New Web Pages + Referral Program Forms
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